Dayton Children’s Hospital and Deborah Feldman Honored at The 2019 People Of Vision Award Luncheon Program


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Dayton, OH (February 19, 2019) – Dayton Children’s Hospital and Deborah Feldman, President and CEO, were recognized for their outstanding visionary leadership and philanthropic work in Ohio’s Miami Valley Region Prevent Blindness 18th Annual People of Vision Award Luncheon. DMS ink and Christine Soward, President, who served as the Chair of the event, presented the award.

Nearly 100 people attended the event held at the Dayton Country Club in Dayton on February 14th. $30,000 was raised to support the sight-saving programs of Prevent Blindness including vision screening training for schools, health departments and organizations in the aging network along with advocacy for public policies to widen access to vision care for all.

“Dayton Children’s Hospital and Deborah Feldman possess an exemplary commitment to serving our community and providing resources to people in need living in Miami Valley Ohio,” said Gery Deer, Chair of the Prevent Blindness Miami Valley Ohio Chapter Executive Council. “Their support of the community provides a strong foundation for families to build upon and Prevent Blindness is proud to honor them with this award,” he added.

The People of Vision Award was established in 1985 by the Ohio Affiliate of Prevent Blindness to honor and recognize visionary organizations and their top leadership for the outstanding work they have undertaken to enhance the quality of life within their communities. The premise of the People of Vision Award is that our community is enriched by such leadership that reflects a “vision of community” to be celebrated and emulated. It has been recognized as one of Miami Valley Ohio’s premier charitable events.

 LaToya Robinson, Nursing Assistant at MonDay Community Correctional Institution, spoke about how Prevent Blindness services benefit clients from her organization. Many individuals who come to the MonDay Community Correctional Institution fail to maintain their health, due to addiction and unhealthy lifestyles as a result of living on the streets and being in and out of prison. The MonDay Program provides health education and resources to increase the chance of their residents taking better care of themselves when they return home.

Prevent Blindness provides MonDay residents with access to donated eye exams and glasses. During an eye exam, one resident found out he had eye cancer. Prevent Blindness assisted the MonDay Program by providing resources needed to assist him free of cost. The diagnosis at the right time and free resources to vision care helped save not only his vision, but also his life.

Half of all blindness is preventable and the number of blind and visually impaired is expected to double by the year 2030 if nothing is done to address the problem. Furthermore, it is estimated that the economic impact of visual disorders and disabilities costs approximately $5.4 billion annually.

About Prevent Blindness

Founded in 1908, Prevent Blindness is the nation’s leading volunteer eye health and safety organization dedicated to fighting blindness and saving sight. The Ohio Affiliate of Prevent Blindness is Ohio’s leading volunteer nonprofit public health organization dedicated to prevent blindness and preserve sight. We serve all 88 Ohio counties, providing direct services to more than 1,000,000 Ohioans annually and educating millions of consumers about what they can do to protect and preserve their precious gift of sight. For more information or to make a contribution, call 800-301-2020.  Or, visit us on the web at or and Twitter at!/PB_Ohio.


Prevent Blindness honored Dayton Children’s and its President & CEO Deborah Feldman as their 2019 People of Vision at an event on February 14, 2019, at the Dayton Country Club. (From left to right) Sherry Williams, President & CEO of the Ohio Affiliate of Prevent Blindness, Deborah Feldman, President & CEO of Dayton Children’s Hospital, and People of Vision Event Chair, Christine Soward, President of DMS ink.