Adult Vision Health Programs

HealthyEyes Program

HealthyEyes Program

The goal of the HealthyEyes Program is to decrease the incidence of preventable vision loss among Ohio’s adult population through promotion of healthy lifestyles, early detection and treatment.

The HealthyEyes Program enhances the services of Ohio’s adult care and public health networks by providing coordinated information and access to prevention information, referral, and treatment resources for aging eye challenges.

Key components of the HealthyEyes program include a presenter’s toolkit containing prepared PowerPoint presentations on 3 different topics, training for the presenters on utilization and marketing of the HealthyEyes information, topic related brochures and educational materials, handouts, newsletter articles, and resources to assist clients in need of free or low cost eye care.

After completing the HealthyEyes Presenter’s Training Program- presenters will:

  • Provide presentations on accessing eye care resources
  • Educate clients about age related eye diseases such as glaucoma, age related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy
  • Teach the people they serve how to live a healthy lifestyle to preserve their sight
  • Create eye health displays
  • Provide educational materials to help their clients
  • Insert articles in their organization’s newsletter about vision health


“Diabetes + The Eyes” Study

We invite you to join a diabetes-related eye disease (DRED) study to learn about your experiences managing DRED either as a patient or  provider. DRED includes diabetes- related retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataract.

We are  working with Social Lens Research to understand if people are receiving the high-quality eye care they need to reduce the risks of DRED. For patients, we would like to hear about your experiences with eye care providers, what has gone well or not well with providers, and your ideas for what providers and care teams can do to improve vision health . Patients click here for details: Patient flyer-English or Patient flyer -Spanish.

Providers we are interested in hearing your first-hand experiences with DRED patients/clients, understanding what has gone well or not well, and hearing your ideas/ recommendations for what would help you and the overall care team to improve vision health outcomes and better overall health. Providers include diabetes educators, retina specialists, researchers, ophthalmologists, optometrists,  opticians, ophthalmic- related pharmaceutical staff. Click here for Provider flyer-English or Provider flyer – Spanish.