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Prevent Blindness Ohio is collecting stories about how eye health programs benefit you and your family. Share your story!  We enjoy hearing feedback about how we were able to help you. Click on the picture or name of these children and adults whose lives were changed because of the vision services PBO provides!

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Stacey Bittinger

Christa Spencer

Bradly D’Souza

Sherry Rosenfeld

Isi Ikharebha

Jenny Camper

Jenny Camper

Keerthana Bolisetty

Huy Phan


“I always struggled to see in class. I would squint and stare at the board to try and see it but it wasn’t working. I decided to move up closer and it still was hard. One day my school offered in school eye exams. I got a really bad vision score. I couldn’t do anything about it because I couldn’t afford it. My wonderful nurse showed me this awesome program and she said it cost northing to get my glasses through this program. I now have my new glasses and they have really changed my vision and made me feel more comfortable to learn at school. Thank you so much Prevent Blindness!”

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