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Children's Vision Programs

Vision is the primary sense used for learning in the early years.

Approximately 80 percent of what a child learns is learned visually, so early detection and treatment of vision disorders are important to maximize a child’s visual potential.  The longer eye conditions are left untreated, the more likely they are to worsen, affecting a child’s learning ability, athletic performance and self esteem.  Prevent Blindness Ohio has established a comprehensive approach to enhancing the vision of Ohio’s children.  Our approaches include vision screenings, classroom and community learning experiences for children and families, professional development opportunities for educators and primary care givers, technical assistance and eye health resources made available online.  Review the links below to learn more about Prevent Blindness Ohio’s approach to vision preservation in children.

Wise About Eyes

The Wise About Eyes internet portal supports all of Prevent Blindness Ohio’s vision education initiatives, including touring exhibits, classroom curricula serving grades pre-K through 12, classroom presentations, and ongoing education for healthcare providers.  The Wise About Eyes internet portal is located at www.wiseabouteyes.org.  The website includes specific, interactive experiences that address four target audiences (children ages 3-18, parents/caretakers, educators and healthcare professionals) and provides “anytime” access to all of our eye health and safety education programs.  For example, visitors to the WAE website can take a virtual tour of the Wise About Eyes Museum exhibit and see pictures of the Wild About Eyes Kiosk. There are also interactive games and coloring pages and other interactive activities that teach visitors fun facts about the eye and their gift of sight. The Wise About Eyes website provides information for health care professionals on children’s eye health and the importance of vision screening/regular professional eye care, provides educators with additional activities to complement classroom curriculum, and provides parents with important information about their children’s vision.  Information on accessing free/low-cost vision services, such as the VSP Sight for Students program, is also available. Visitors to the website can register on line to attend a preschool vision screening training and request that the Wild About Eyes kiosk or the Exhibits-To-Go program visit their library, school or other public venue. Individuals can also request additional information about any of PBO’s vision education initiatives.

Ohio Coalition for Universal Vision Screening in Young Children

The Ohio Coalition for Universal Vision Screening in Young Children is a group of 30 state agencies, educators, professional associations, and public health agencies working in partnership with the National Center for Children’s Vision and Eye Health to develop the public health infrastructure needed to ensure a continuum of eye health for children ages 3 years to school entry within the healthcare system in Ohio.