The EyeWatch Program enhances the services of Ohio’s adult care and public health networks by providing coordinated information and access to prevention information, referral, and treatment resources for aging eye challenges.  

Key components of the EyeWatch program include a presenter’s toolkit containing prepared PowerPoint presentations on 3 different topics, training for the presenters on utilization and marketing of the EyeWatch information, topic related brochures and educational materials, handouts, newsletter articles, and resources to assist clients in need of free or low cost eye care.

After completing the EyeWatch Presenter’s Training Program- presenters will:

  • Provide presentations on accessing eye care resources
  • Educate clients about age related eye diseases such as glaucoma, age related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy
  • Teach the people they serve how to live a healthy lifestyle to preserve their sight
  • Create eye health displays 
  • Provide educational materials to help their clients
  • Insert articles in their organization’s newsletter about vision health

The EyeWatch Toolkit

Prevent Blindness Ohio (PBO) developed the EyeWatch Toolkit to support presenter trainees. The toolkit contains a CD Rom with three PowerPoint presentations: Living Well to See Well, Understanding Age-Related Eye Diseases, and Understanding Your Resources.  The toolkits also contain handouts, brochures, and questionnaires to support each of the three presentations.  Trainees will be able to use the resources within their existing organizational networks to educate their constituents about the steps individuals can take to maintain healthy vision.

PBO delivers a three hour orientation and training on use of these kits to professionals/volunteers recruited from aging network/health organizations that have a commitment to deliver eye health educational information and services to their constituents. PBO provides access to eye health education resources, services and programming. Targeted agencies/organizations for this program are those that have access to a large network of adult consumers in high risk or targeted populations. 

To find out more about the EyeWatch Program contact Prevent Blindness Ohio at 1-800-301-2020 or [email protected].