Vision Programs


The Eye Patch Club

The Eye Patch Club is a fun and supportive program for families during a child's amblyopia patching treatment.  Read More

Adult Vision Health Programs

Prevent Blindness Ohio prevents blindnesss by providing services for early detection of possible vision problems in adults and educating working age adults and seniors about keeping their sight safe and healthy for a lifetime.  Read More

Children's Vision Health Programs

Prevent Blindness Ohio takes a comprehensive approach to enhancing the vision of Ohio's children, including classroom and community learning for children and families, professional development for educators and primary care givers, technical assistance and online eye health resources.  Read More

Vision Care Outreach Program

The goal of the Vision Care Outreach Program is to reduce unnecessary vision loss and impairment by providing access to donated comprehensive vision care services for high-risk, medically indigent Ohioans–children, youth, families and homeless/uninsured adults.  Read More

Vision Screening

To increase the visual quality of life for Ohio’s children and adults, Prevent Blindness Ohio offers vision screening training classes and a nationally recognized certification from Prevent Blindness America that will provide instruction on how to perform preschool or adult vision screenings in your own workplace, clinic, or organization.  Read More

Preschool Vision Screening

Since 1999, Prevent Blindness Ohio has received funding from the Ohio Dept. of Health, Bureau of Child and Family Health Services, Save Our Sight Program to conduct preschool vision screening trainings for healthcare professionals, community volunteers and educators.  Read More

Fellowship Award Program

The Young Investigator Student Fellowship Awards for Female Scholars in Vision Research provides training support for future generations of outstanding female scientists committed to pursuing biomedical, behavioral or clinical research careers relevant to the mission of Prevent Blindness Ohio – to prevent blindness and preserve sight.   Read More

Healthy Eyes Educational Series

Build awareness among your clients, co-workers, employees or cohorts of eye and vision basics, common adult vision disorders, safety precautions and proactive behaviors that promote a lifetime of healthy vision.

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Clinical Studies in Eye Disease

In order to curb the rapid growth of vision loss, increased investment in vision research is critical. The National Academy of Sciences reports that in the next ten years as the baby boomers age and retire, scientific research fields, including vision research, stand to lose over 50% of their scientists.

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On-line Learning Modules

“Eyes Wide Open: Preventing Vision Loss” and “A Sight for Sore Eyes: Age-Related Eye Disease” are on-line learning modules developed in collaboration with The Ohio State University Office of Geriatrics and Gerontology. These modules are intended to provide education about preventing vision loss.  Some of the topics cover how the eye functions, age-related diseases that commonly affect the eye, risk factors for eye disease, eye care benefit options other than employee health care, and how to become more involved in advocating for eye care services for older adults.  Read More