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Prevent Blindness America supports the work of scientists who will find tomorrow's cures for the eye diseases that threaten Americans with vision loss and blindness. We are committed partners with state and federal government, academic institutions and industry to study the impact of vision problems and find public health solutions that can improve quality of life for all Americans.

Vision Problems in the U.S. ► Vision Problems in the U.S. ▼

Prevalence of Adult Vision Impairment and Age-Related Eye Disease in the U.S.   Visit Our New Online Vision Problems in the U.S. Report (2012 Edition) For a searchable database of the Latest Prevalence Estimates for Age-Related Eye Disease         Read More

The Cost of Vision Problems ► The Cost of Vision Problems ▼

The Economic Impact of Vision Problems: The Toll of Major Adult Eye Disorders, Visual Impairment and Blindness on the U.S. Economy This report describes the economic burden of the leading age-related eye diseases: age-related macular degeneration (AMD), cataract, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and refractive error. It also looks at the economic impact of vision impairment and blindness. Table of Contents and Downloads ► Table of Contents and Downloads ▼ Read More

Prevent Blindness America Public Health Documents ► Prevent Blindness America Public Health Documents ▼

These reports provide information about the state of eye and vision health in the United States and identify national, state and local challenges and opportunities for public health approaches to vision care. Read More

Investigator Awards ► Investigator Awards ▼

The Joanne Angle Investigator Award provides funding for research investigating public health related to eye health and safety. Applications will be accepted in the following priority areas in adult vision, children’s vision, or eye injury: Read More